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Site Infrastructure Monitoring

Data Center Site Infrastructure Monitoring

Protect Your Investments Against the Unknown

Data center infrastructure monitoring and telecom infrastructure monitoring are a vital element in maintaining maximum availability for your operations. The critical systems in your data center or telecom facility are the lifeblood of your operations. If something should happen to them – you could very well be out of business. That is why data Electronic Environments Corp. (EEC) offers scalable and flexible site infrastructure monitoring solutions that can act as stand-alone systems or be integrated into existing building monitoring systems (BMS).

Here are a few reasons why data center infrastructure monitoring is important:

  • Expose unknown threats
  • Proactively  manage your systems
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Prevent downtime of your critical equipment

Data center monitoring systems from EEC provide visibility into the key factors that could affect availability such aSolutions/Data-Center-Monitoring/Site-Infrastructure-Monitoring/s temperature, humidity, air pressure and leak detection. Our data center infrastructure monitoring solutions provide proactive management and enable the quick assessment of your present situation. They have the ability to notify the appropriate personnel should situations arise that may threaten availability of your critical systems.

Return on Investment for Data Center and Telecom Infrastructure Monitoring Systems

In today’s economy; although data center uptime is vital – costs and fiscal metrics receive more scrutiny than ever. Data Center & Telecom Infrastructure Monitoring can help alert you to potential issues before they become critical while helping you to reduce operation costs.

Airflow Management and Thermal Controls

EEC also offers the Demand Based Cooling System which is data center environmental monitoring with active controls built into it. This system uses the environmental data provided by its built in monitoring system to dynamically manage CRAC (computer room air conditioning) temperature set points and variable speed fans – providing immediate and substantial power savings in your existing data center.

EEC’s data center infrastructure monitoring and telecom infrastructure monitoring solutions offer data center and telecom site managers the visibility and intelligence to continually optimize your facilities. Contact us today to speak with one of our critical facility experts.