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Generator Services

Emergency Backup Power Equipment

Preventive Maintenance – Scope of Servicesgenerator-maintenance

Minor PM

Lubrication system:

  • Check oil level, top off as required
  • Inspect for leaks

Fuel system:

  • Check level of fuel supply, refuel if needed and customer authorizes
  • Inspect engine fuel lines, pump, and filters for leaks and condition

Air system:

  • Inspect louvers for proper operation.
  • Inspect air filters.

Cooling system:

  • Check coolant level
  • Check and record freeze protection, adjust freeze protection as required
  • Inspect fan drive belt(s) for condition and proper tension, adjust as required
  • Inspect coolant hoses and pipes, tighten clamps as required
  • Check operation of jacket water heater and control thermostats

Exhaust system:

  • Inspect exhaust pipes, flexes, and turbochargers where accessible

Electrical system:

  • Inspect starter cables, wire, and connectors for condition and security, tighten as required
  • Check and record starting battery float voltage and specific gravity
  • Check electrolyte levels, add distilled water as required
  • Check charger for proper operation, adjust as required
  • Load test starting batteries and record voltages
  • Inspect electrical control and sensor wire terminations, tighten as required


  • Inspect fan guard for condition and security
  • Inspect air inlet screen for cleanliness, condition, and security
  • Inspect and lubricate bearings, as required
  • Inspect mechanical connections for tightness


  • Inspect exciter assembly, stator, and field windings for cleanliness and physical integrity
  • Inspect cable and wire termination at generator for condition and security

Visual inspection and check:

  • Operation of auto start and remote controls
  • Operation and accuracy of AC and engine instruments
  • System frequency and voltage, adjust if necessary

Major PM
– Includes all tasks done during Minor PM visit plus the following:

Lubrication system:

  • Change lube oil and lube oil filters
  • Pull oil sample for analysis

Fuel system:

  • Change fuel filters (if applicable)

Air system:

Service crankcase breathers, as required

Cooling system:

  • Pull coolant sample for analysis

Test run generator under connected load for approximately 15 minutes at no-load to ensure proper operation.


  • Perform resistive load bank test at 100% of generator nameplate capacity
  • Record all performance data in fifteen minute intervals including: oil pressure, water temperature, voltage and frequency
  • Identify proper operation of fuel system, cooling system and overall condition of engine/generator set
  • Load bank testing performed with no interruption to the normal power supply

Documentation of inspection with recommendations for any corrective action deemed necessary will be provided on both Minor and Major PMs .