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Standby Power

Data Center Generators for Emergency Power

Your mission-critical facility needs a backup power plan in case of a
power loss

Normally this arrangement is in the form of battery backup and UPS systems, but these are only a short term solution for a few minutes at the most. Emergency backup data center generators are
Data Center Generator Servicesthe most common and useful piece of machinery which can help to generate power for hours in your data center until the main supply is back on track.

Since these backup generators are so important and they are not running continuously; you need to ensure that they start whenever required to keep your data center or any critical facility running continuously. At Electronic Environments, we offer our complete range of services from sourcing (see Choosing a Generator) and installation to generator maintenance and repair services for all major manufacturers’ standby generators, automatic transfer switch (ATS) systems and custom parallel switchgear.

The data center generator and ATS services we offer on a nationwide basis include:

Below is a sampling of the Generator and ATS systems that we service:

Generator Manufacturers ATS Manufacturers
  • Caterpillar
  • Onan
  • Kohler
  • Generac
  • And others

  • Russelectric
  • ASCO
  • Generac
  • Zenith
  • And others

Why Preventive Maintenance for Your Data Center Generator?

The need for redundant power equipment in your critical facility is meaningless unless it is properly maintained and tested. Data center generator maintenance is critical to ensure your facility stays up
EEC tech performing data center generator maintenanceand running even during an unplanned outage. Here at EEC we have developed generator maintenance practices that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations. There are a number of items to consider when performing generator maintenance, we have a comprehensive scope of work that details what the planned minor and major inspections entail and we also offer generator load bank testing and diesel fuel cleaning and fuel polishing. Diesel fuel maintenance is also key to your emergency data center power reliability and can often be overlooked.

Generator load bank testing is an essential part of good maintenance practice and will help to extend the engine life of your data center generator and will help to ensure reliable operation during a power failure. A more in-depth description of what a load bank test can be found here.

Generator Service Maintenance Agreements

EEC’s preventive maintenance visits serve as an in-depth examination of specific equipment, as well as a general review of the site conditions–our goal is to minimize unscheduled emergency visits and keep your facility up and running continuously. We offer single and multiple year generator maintenance agreements based on your needs and the can include quarterly, semi-annual and annual frequency options and can include scheduled load bank testing.

Emergency Repair Services

EEC’s 24×7 data center generator emergency repair service program is an aggressive and rapid response mechanism developed specifically for critical facility operations. Our philosophy is to aggressively and rapidly respond to instances of system failure with the right personnel and the right material to bring the site back up immediately. We guarantee 15-minute phone response and four hour or less on-site response virtually anywhere in the country.

Utilizing our logistics/data support systems, EEC technicians arrive equippe
EEC data center generator techniciand with “crash kits” containing replacement parts to repair 90% of most equipment failures. Once on-site, EEC will take whatever actions necessary to get your systems back on-line fast, and subsequently, investigate solutions to eliminate any future disruptions.

To learn more about our comprehensive data center maintenance and repair services or if you are looking for advice on a backup generator for your critical facility, contact us at 800-342-5332, or via our contact us form.