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UPS Battery Trending & Battery Voltage Inspection

Proactively detect UPS battery problems before they jeopardize your system

UPS battery trending is one of the tools we use to detect problems before they can jeopardize your system availability.  EEC’s engineers use the trending capability within our Infrastructure Manager software to identify potential problems and recommend corrective action prior to the UPS battery failure, aiding to the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients backup power systems.

The battery voltage and conductance readings are recorded, graphed, and compared against the manufacturer minimum and maximum recommended readings within Infrastructure Manager.  When a reading is outside the recommended manufacturer tolerance it is called out and highlighted for our clients and technicians to see and act upon.  This proactive approach to UPS battery maintenance is added insurance that the power will remain on at your facility.

 EEC's battery trending report from Infrastructure managerConductance readings from UPS battery trending report

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