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Scope of Service Wet Cell

UPS Battery Wet Cell System

Preventive Maintenance – Scope of Work

Minor PM 

Visual inspection:

  • Cell electrolyte levels
  • Connection terminals
  • Inter-cell connectors
  • Cables
  • Hardware cell elements
  • Cell covers
  • Containers
  • Post seals
  • Gravity tubes
  • Safety vents
  • Flash arrestors
  • Battery racks

Measure, check, record and adjust as necessary:

  • Total battery float voltage
  • Positive to ground voltage
  • Negative to ground voltage
  • Float voltage on each cell
  • Total battery ripple voltage and current

Clean and neutralize all cell surfaces, and add distilled water to cells to maintain the required electrolyte levels if needed

Check and record room ambient temperature, verify proper operation of ventilation equipment, and room cleanliness

Major PM
  – Includes all tasks done during Minor PM visit plus the following:

Measure, check, record, and adjust if necessary:

  • Specific gravity and electrolyte temperature each cell
  • Each cell to cell terminal, and cable connections using a micro-ohm meter to verify that the connection resistances are within 20% of the average contact resistance

Documentation of inspection with recommendations for any corrective action deemed necessary will be provided on both Minor and Major PMs