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Scope of Service Sealed Cell

UPS Battery Sealed Cell System

Preventive Maintenance – Scope of Work

Minor PM 

Visual inspection:

  • Jars
  • Connectors
  • Racks
  • Room

Measure, check, record and adjust as necessary:

  • DC float voltage
  • Positive to ground
  • Negative to ground
  • Total AC ripple voltage and current
  • DC float voltage, individual jar if possible if not tray or pack
  • Conductance readings on individual jars only

Check and record room ambient temperature, verify proper operation of ventilation equipment, and room cleanliness.

Major PM 

– Includes all tasks done during Minor PM visit plus the following:

Visual inspection:

  • Check individual cell post seals, jars, and covers for leaks, cracks, or any other abnormalities

Measure, check and record the following:

  • Total AC ripple voltage
  • Total AC ripple current

Clean cells and racks

Re-torque all connections if possible (*see note)

Micro Ohm readings on jar to jar connections if possible (*see note)

* Note:
Most UPS applications do not allow enough room to obtain these readings however most DC plant applications do.

Documentation of inspection with recommendations for any corrective action deemed necessary will be provided on both Minor and Major PMs