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UPS Battery Replacement and Maintenance

UPS battery maintenance is key in making sure that your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is operating at optimal efficiency and keeping your data center running.  The UPS battery is the most vulnerable part of any UPS system, regardless of capacity, topology or brand. The battery is ultimately at the heart of the UPS in terms of reliability. Understanding causes of UPS battery degradation, ways to prevent degradation and UPS battery maintenance options are fundamental to ensure maximum system availability and to keeping your data center and business up and running continually.

EEC provides turn-key UPS battery replacement services including; removal and proper disposal of your existing battery, installation and testing of the new batteries, and we also verify that the batteries are operatiing properly with your UPS system. EEC’s factory trained experts will work with you to recommend the size and model of battery system that best meets your needs. Our field technicians work in accordance with IEEE Standards 1188 and 450 for VRLA and Flooded UPS batteries, and follow all federal, state, and local regulations for handling hazardous materials.

Data center UPS Battery String maintained by EECThe UPS battery replacement and support services offered:

EEC offers a complete range of UPS batteries and support services on all the major battery manufacturers systems: C&D Technologies,Yusas-Exide ,Battery USA, GNB,SAFT, Peco II, Johnson Controls, PCP, Astec, Power Battery, Argus, Lucent, Reltec and others

 UPS battery installation & maintenance

Our UPS battery replacement and maintenance philosophy is designed around detecting and correcting potential issues before they become problems that cause system failure and cause your data center to lose power. Over 90% of UPS failure is attributed to battery error, so when inspecting UPS batteries we look for leaking cells, cracked cases, and sulphation to name a few issues. Temperature, voltage, and conductance are also measured, tracked, and analyzed.

EEC transports UPS batteries using fully qualified and trained transporters. All vehicles used to transport UPS batteries are appropriate and qualified for this purpose.  All transportation, handling, and disposal is performed in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws. EEC strictly adheres to all US Department of Transportation requirements, including labeling and shipping requirements.  All batteries are always accompanied by shipping papers that comply with the US Department of Transportation.

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If you would like more information about UPS battery replacement, UPS battery installation or any other services, please contact us at or call 800.342.5332.