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Critical Power

Critical Data Center Power Solutions

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – Battery – PDU – DC Power

Electronic Environment Corporation’s critical Data Center power solutions and Telecom power solutions are designed to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime – something you cannot afford. Our services range from design, upgrade and installation to preventive maintenance and data center power monitoring.

You need to be sure every component of your power protection system is reliable – that is why you need to make sure your critical power needs grow with your network, that all of your equipment is properly maintained and that they all work together.

Ensure Maximum Network Uptime – Our data center power management services include:

EEC Promises – to keep your mission critical facility operating at optimal efficiency levels and that your critical computer room power will be up and running continuously.

Safety is Taken Very Seriously

Given the inherent risks in dealing with data center power systems, all of our service and construction personnel are required to take the 10-hour OSHA course. All our computer room protection personnel, both service and construction, are provided with the tools needed to perform their jobs safely. EEC provides a formal safety training program that is administered on an ongoing basis to all field personnel. Our field personnel know the challenges and regulations of working in 24×7 facilities, and are skilled at writing and following Methods of Procedure (MOP) complete with safety and environmental instructions to ensure quality and compliance.