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Dynamic Cooling Management

Dynamic Cooling Management, the Smart Way To Gain Energy Savings

Cooling plays an immense role in the efficiency of a data center’s energy use. However, not all cooling systems are created equal. For example, a standard 30-ton computer room air handler (CRAH) on a raised floor could have a cooling effect on some IT racks and a heating effect on others. Poorly located rack layouts, varying densities,poorly zoned air flow, non-containment of airstreams, and constant volume/speed of data center air handlers can all equate to energy inefficiency.
 Dynamic Cooling Energy SavingsA dynamic cooling model takes a customized thermal modeling approach to each facility. Instead of zone-level control, fans are optimized individually based on real-time needs. Rack sensors and control modules collect server temperature requirements, computer room air conditioning (CRAC) airflow and power temperature data.

Gateways manage wireless communication as an artificial intelligence (AI) engine aggregates data and issues control instructions. A simple user interface and reporting tool provides a data dashboard to inform decision making for owner-operators and facility managers.

When working with the right partners, there are means to have a flexible model for procurement. Customers have the opportunity to purchase the system outright, and capital funding alternatives are available. Customers can also use a “shared savings” model where the system is installed at no charge and the cost is paid out of the savings it produces. Under this model, customers reduce capex spending while getting the added benefit of operational insights and tools for better operating their mission critical facilities.

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