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Portable Air Conditioning

Portable Air Conditioning Units for Your Server Room or Data Center

Do you need a portable air conditioning unit for your server room or data center? Electronic Environments can help, as experts in data center maintenance and repair services, we often have facility and data center managers contact us when their data center air conditioning fails or is interrupted for maintenance.
MovinCool portable air conditioning units for server roomsWe have an inventory of MovinCool® portable air conditioners that we can either rent or sell to help you keep your data center or server room cool in case of an emergency.

The MovinCool portable server room air conditioning units provide supplemental or instant emergency backup cooling to protect your critical equipment during a heat-related crisis. With a trend towards smaller, more “heat dense” servers, equipment shutdowns may be more likely to occur as your existing server room air conditioner system becomes inadequate. These temporary air conditioning units conveniently roll into tight spaces, providing you a quick spot cooling solution.

When your in the middle of a heat-related crisis in your data center, cool heads will prevail – to learn more about our server room portable air conditioners and how EEC can help keep your data center cool in a crisis – contact us – call 800-342-5332 or