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Technical Expertise

Data Center & Telecom Expertise

Why Choose Electronic Environments for your next critical project?

Electronic Environments Corp. provides an array of data center expertise, why should you choose EEC, take a look::

  • A single point of accountability for your entire data center or switch center project
  • Focused solely on designing, building and servicing mission critical facilities such as data centers and cell sites
  • Consistent delivery on fast track project commitments
  • Integrated Design and Construction with Service, delivering long term client value
  • Internal technical resources guarantee a fast response
  • Operating procedures were designed specifically for reliability and performance

Whether it be data center construction or modifying a current switch site, you need a specialized mix of talent including: architectural, engineering, mechanical, electrical, and project management expertise. Electronic Environments has this rare combination of skills, in-house. We understand the special requirements of mission critical facilities – from raised floors to precision cooling and redundant power demands. Be sure to visit our Resource Center  where you can download data sheets, white papers, case studies and more.

Customizable portfolio of services to meet your needs from the data center experts:

Our clients have the flexibility of using any our services individually or bundled and packaged into a custom tailored solution.  EEC’s cost effective approach is customized to meet your goals.

Would you trust just any Engineer/Contractor with your critical project?

Your data center or switch site is at the heart of your organization, would you trust just any Engineer/Contractor with your project?  Ask yourself this question: Does my Engineer/Contractor understand the critical nature and data center operation, and have the expertise to properly design and build a reliable environment that hosts a trouble free operation – minimizing equipment downtime? Your data center cooling requirements go beyond placing an HVAC unit in the corner of the room; present and future power consumption, air flow, and the equipment housed in your room must all be factored into your computer room cooling solution. EEC has this data center expertise.

For existing data centers we offer a comprehensive suite of data center consulting and data center assessment services, these services will help detect irregularities in your data center’s critical support infrastructure in the early stages as well as hot spots due to improper data center cooling – ensuring prompt corrective action before costly system failures can occur.

Electronic Environments doesn’t design and build standard office space; since 1986, EEC’s professional data center services group has been providing data center engineering, data center construction, management and specialized installation crews focused exclusively on providing solutions for mission critical infrastructures.

Contact one of our data center experts for more information on any of our telecom and data center solutions and services at: 800-342-5332, email: or fill out the contact us form.