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Computational Fluid
Dynamics (CFD)

Data Center Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
3-D Modeling Service

Electronic Environments Data Center Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) Service provides detailed information that will enable you to proactively manage your data center / server room cooling infrastructure and IT deployment.

As power and heat loads rise in the data center, more companies are experiencing “hot spots” where cooled air is not reaching servers. One tool to address this problem is an analysis with software using data center CFD modeling to simulate the airflow through a facility. Electronic Environments will use this software to create a model of your data center and generate 3D graphics to identify airflow problems that can lead to overheated servers. The image below shows a 3D model of the thermal map along the height of the server room.

Our data center experts will:y-coord-temperature-animate

  • Analyze data center floor space power consumption and heat load
  • Calculate cooling distribution airflow requirements
  • Establish a baseline CFD model
  • Calibrate the CFD model based on actual airflow and temperature measurements
  • Propose solutions to cooling problems identified by the CFD model and field survey


Features and Benefits of Data Center Computation Fluid Dynamics

Features Benefits
Configurable CFD Modeling Service Modules Tailor your CFD modeling requirements to meet your business needs
Baseline CFD Model Provides you with an understanding of airflow characteristics within your data center
Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC)
Failure Analysis
Illustrates the effects of CRAC failure to airflow and rack inlet temperatures
Predictive Analysis Enables proactive management of IT growth and high density deployment
Data Center Airflow Optimization
and Energy Savings
Identify wasted energy due to over cooling and opportunities to improve cold air distribution and heat rejection capabilities

Data Center CFD Service Configurations:

  • Level One – provides a basic CFD model that illustrates supply and return airflow in the data center / server room and calibrated to actual airflow, rack power*, and temperature measurements
    * This may require electrical panel reading by a licensed electrician
  • Level Two – provides a calibrated data center CFD model, CRAC failure analysis plus scenario analysis (IT deployment or infrastructure change)

Data center CFD model accuracy is dependent upon actual load reading from power distribution panels to the rack level. If these readings are not available, Electronic Environments’ data center experts can perform branch circuit reading and circuit tracing as part of this service. Additional Data Center Assessment services can be added to configure a service package that suits your budget and business needs:

To learn more about our Data Center Computational Fluid Dynamics services or to schedule an appointment, please fill out this form or call 800-342-5332 or email: