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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance for Data Centers and Telecom Sites

Achieve continuous availability and limit downtime


A comprehensive data center preventive maintenance program for your critical power and cooling equipment reduces the risks of downtime and is essential in ensuring your equipment operates at peak performance. Electronic Environments has developed maintenance practices that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our comprehensive inspections focus on early detection of problems, as well as immediate replacement of suspicious components. We offer preventive maintenance on the following equipment:

We also offer thermal imaging (infrared thermography) for your critical electrical components. Thermal imaging should be seriously considered in your regular server room maintenance schedule.

Proper maintenance adds years to the life expectance of critical equipment

A standard preventive maintenance program will decrease the total cost of the investment by extending the life and reducing repair costs of your data center or telecom equipment. Long term benefits of a data center preventive maintenance program include: improved reliability, decreased cost of replacements, decreased downtime and more efficient equipment.

Electronic Environments’ preventive maintenance visits serve as an in-depth examination of specific equipment, as well as a general review of the site conditions–our goal is to minimize unscheduled emergency visits and keep your facility up and running continuously. The number of preventive maintenance visits a client receives is dependent on the type of equipment being serviced and the level of coverage our clients choose. We offer three levels of service agreements to its clients: 1.0 which offers basic PM coverage, full 2.0 offering 8×5 coverage, coverage, and 3.0 offering 24×7 coverage. The below matrix illustrates the coverage under each offering.

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Description Basic 1.0
Full 2.0 Coverage
Coverage Plus 3.0
7 Day/24 Hour Emergency Service Availability X X X
15 Minute Call back X X X
Field Reporting/Quality Control X X X
All Parts, Labor and Expenses* X X
4-Hour On-Site Response X X
Field Service Recordkeeping X X
Computerized Schedules Monthly Management Reports X X
Annual Staff Training X X
PM Performed per Manufacturers’ Recommendations X X X
Off-Hours Annual Preventative Maintenance X
Priority Access to Other EEC Services X X X

Find out how EEC’s Data Center Preventive Maintenance Programs can ensure your mission critical facility is performing at its best. Call us at 800-342-5332,  email us at or via our Contact Us form