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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Battery Trending for your Data Center’s Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS)

Data Center UPS battery trending and reporting is one form of predictive maintenance Electronic Environments regularly performs on a typical preventive maintenance (PM) call. Equipment information is logged into Infrastructure Manager (web-based asset management tool) – the age, service information, and condition of the equipment can be tracked which allows our technicians to do many things including; trending for a piece of equipment, cost of equipment reporting, and comparing equipment age to mortality tables to determine when the equipment is close to reaching the end of its useful life. This task has been very valuable in battery life cycle tracking and preventive maintenance.

Proactive approach that leads to less downtime

By having the information in our Infrastructure Manager software (which is a component of all or our PM contracts) – it offers our technicians the ability to pro-actively diagnose problems within the data center, as well as making recommendations to enhance data center infrastructure performance. When a UPS battery reading goes out of the manufacturers recommended range, an email alert is automatically sent to EEC’s power electronics group. This proactive approach to maintenance allows our technical experts to notify clients of issue before they become major problems resulting in downtime. The system enables us to selectively analyze individual equipment performance. EEC engineers also use this database in analyzing recurrent problems, particularly in the event of field failures. Data collection during preventive maintenance and emergency visits provides the statistical backbone for our recommendations and new design criteria.

Predictive Analysis Program

Our Predictive Analysis program is an essential feedback mechanism within EEC’s Quality Management system. Our routine inspection program is designed to locate deteriorating components and/or equipment before the equipment fails. When these conditions occur we can schedule replacement under controlled conditions before it can become a major problem. Data is collected electronically, and analyzed against previous values and manufacturer standards—speeding the diagnostic and repair of potential problems. Email or page alerts are sent to a designated list of recipients.

To learn more about our UPS battery trending or any of our other solutions for your data center’s critical infrastructure, fill out our contact us form or contact us at 800.342.5332 or email sales@eecnet.com3