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Infrastructure Manager

Infrastructure Manager – Secure Web-based Critical Site Asset Management

All of your critical site data at your fingertips

From the field to the desktop, our web-based Infrastructure Manager™ system captures and pools together all field and site data into one easy, secure, on-demand database. This web-based software is a component of all EEC preventive maintenance

Access to information such as age and condition gives us the ability to do trending for a piece of equipment; as a result you are able to proactively manage your infrastructure. We can also provide cost of equipment reporting and compare age to available mortality tables to determine when your equipment is close to reaching the end of its useful life, enabling forecast replacement.

Accessible Site Information:

  • Equipment information
  • Equipment trending
  • Service call history, both open and closed
  • Preventative maintenance schedule
  • Hazardous waste tracking
  • Site details and directions
  • Client and EEC contact information

Download our Infrastructure Manager Data Sheet.

With Infrastructure Manager, facility managers receive the visibility and enhanced operating efficiencies available through a common universal database and sophisticated reporting.


  • Improved efficiency by managing your infrastructure from your desktop
  • On-demand access to site information via the web
  • Make critical decisions based on real-time data
  • Permanent archive of site information
  • Centralized, secure database reduces the need for searching for information
  • No on-site software to worry about

Hazardous waste tracking:

Infrastructure Manager’s most exciting new feature is its environmental compliance feature. The system now offers chain of custody waste tracking for all waste types (batteries, oil, fuel, refrigerant, etc). Facility managers now have the ability to track all waste removed from their site anytime – day or night —as it leaves the site and makes its way, via a certified carrier, to a licensed recycling Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF). Below is some of the information that can be viewed and/or printed:

  • Service call and waste tracking report
  • Warehouse accumulation point
  • Manifest/shipping documentation
  • EPA number or State ID number after transfer to a licensed recycling/TSDF facility
  • Certificate of disposal
  • Scanned copy of all shipping documents and waste manifest

Find out how Infrastructure Manager can ensure your mission critical facility is performing at its best. Call us at 800-342-5332, email: or via our Contact Us form