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Site Repair &

Repair and Maintenance Services for Data Center & Telecom Facilities

UPS, Batteries, Generators, HVAC / CRAC, DC Power and more

Electronic Environments offers data center services such as installation, maintenance and
24×7 repair services
on all of your data center power and computer room air conditioning systems to ensure your facility runs continually both under normal operation as well as during an unplanned outage.

We offer our critical equipment installation, maintenance
and repair services on the following equipment:

Key features of our data center services:

  • Single point of responsibility
  • Four (4) hour or less on-site response
  • 24×7 emergency service
  • Multi-system inspections
  • Reduced contract management
  • Web-based reporting & analysis
  • Environmental & safety compliance programs
  • On-demand asset management with our Infrastructure Manager solution
  • We support all major manufacturer systems

EEC Technical EngineersMost outages within a data center or other mission-critical facility are preventable. Electronic Environments understands this; for 25 years our main focus has been to maximize your uptime while mitigating risk. Our ability to provide a single-source site service solutions allows clients to consolidate, centralize, and leverage their infrastructure contract throughout their entire organization.

Whether it’s service for a single data center or nationwide maintenance of wireless cell sites, EEC possesses the knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to deliver high reliability and the exceptional performance required by technology driven organizations.

Be sure to visit our Resource Center and download one of our industry specific data sheets or contact us to see how EEC data center maintenance services can help your organization operate more efficiently.