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Demand Based Cooling

Data Center Cooling with Dynamic Cooling Management

Today, cooling data and telecommunications centers has become challenging. IT equipment upgrades and virtualization increase server density leaving older HVAC equipment struggling to maintain consistent and appropriate cooling. To address this, EEC recommends adding Dynamic Cooling Management as an overlay system architecture to provide real-time monitoring and control of your equipment and maintain balance in your center’s environment.
Dynamic Cooling Management utilizes sensors and control modules that are integrated into a wireless network. A control algorithm with a powerful AI engine enables the system to constantly adjust to the changing needs of your data center.

Any new or existing server room can benefit from this system architecture, regardless if you’re running air cooled, glycol or chilled water cooling systems. By using this approach, you’ll realize instant cooling power consumption savings and enhanced server temperature compliance.

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Dynamic Cooling Management provides visualization and reporting features that allow you to continuously improve your data center environment. The implementation of this technology will:
Enhance CRAC system reliability
Improve PUE
Achieve better CapEx utilization
This system architecture can typically be installed in 2 weeks. Contact us for more details!
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