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Data Center Humidification           eec_green_it_web

Ultrasonic technology for high-efficiency, low-maintenance data center air humidification

Electronic Environments team of data center experts can recommend, furnish and install the correct data center humidification system for your facility. But why do you need data center humidification?

The water vapor contained in air protects IT equipment from dangerous static electrical discharge. Reliance on data center cooling solutions to maintain the proper humidity level in a computer room or data center does not always assure proper humidity levels at the IT equipment air intake. Air containing too much or too little water vapor directly contributes to reduced productivity and equipment downtime. data center humidifiers create steam size mist droplets ideal for quick evaporation, use 1/13 (7%) the electricity of steam systems and require little or no maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

  • Direct energy savings: Ultrasonic humidifiers use only 25 watts of electricity for each pound of mist generated versus 380 watts for electric steam generators/boilers. Data center energy efficiency savings for a 100 pound per hour system would be $7,100 per year (based on an operating period of 2500 hours per year, at 8 cents per kwhr).
  • Reduced equipment sizing: The cooling effects of data center air humidification (ultrasonic humidification) typically offer the benefit of reduced humidifier capacity requirements when air side economizers are being used. Often capacity requirements can be reduced 30% or more.

Discover the advantages of Data Center Humidification

  • Droplet Size: Steam-size droplets. One micron droplets allow for immediate evaporation like steam. Competitive spray nozzle systems create up to 20 micron droplets, risking wetness on equipment and in ductwork.
  • Health: All dissolved liquids are removed from the water feeding into ultrasonics. Steam systems emit dirt from the water up into the airstream, as confirmed by literature from steam manufacturers.
  • Energy Cost: Ultrasonics generate 1 micron size droplets for as little as 1/13 the price of steam. This can save thousands of dollars in annual operating costs. In addition, ultrasonics turn on and off instantly, while steam units preheat, using more electricity.
  • Maintenance: Since water is purified before entry into the ultrasonic humidifier, there is considerably less maintenance required of an ultrasonic system as opposed to steam.
  • RH Accuracy: Ultrasonics provide instant on/off of mist. As soon as the air strays from the relative humidity set point, an ultrasonic humidifier instantly turns on. Steam canisters have flush cycles that may shut down the humidifier for up to 15 minutes or more. Heating elements inside those systems take time to re-boil water to create humidity.

EEC can recommend, furnish and install the correct data center humidifier for your critical facilty. We can also offer a number of other data center energy efficiency solutions to help keep your data center running cost efficiently. Contact us to learn more – 888.342-5332 or email