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Design Engineering

Data Center & Telecom Design and Engineering

If you are considering data center construction or upgrading your legacy data center or other critical facility, the key to your projects success will begin with the design phase.  A poor data center design will cause a ripple effect throughout the life cycle of a project and ultimately affect the overall reliability of your infrastructure.

Electronic Environments’ Data Center Design and Engineering Phase includes:

  • Programming / Needs Assessment design-engineers
  • Site Selection & Analysis
  • Equipment Hardware Layout
  • Architectural Space Planning
  • Design Data Center Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Security / Monitoring
  • Contract Specifications
  • Construction Documents
  • Pre-Construction Budgets
  • Pre-Construction Scheduling

The art of designing data centers requires a keen understanding of technology trends, as well as in depth knowledge of network power, cooling, and fire protection.  EEC uses a proven model to design data center layouts using spatial, electrical, and mechanical criteria to meet your short and long range facility requirements. The planning phase focuses on scalable, flexible, and modular design of data center layouts to ensure cost effective long term investment.

Electronic Environments’ menu driven data center design process accelerates critical project schedules. EEC’s design documents incorporate practical installation and long-term serviceability, unique features of our vertically integrated solutions strategy.  EEC’s project team works together from the initial stage of your project and is always comprised of internal engineers, construction managers, project managers, and electrical and mechanical experts.

Site selection is also a critical phase. Prior to any data center engineering work being done, our project team must visit and critically evaluate possible locations for the project. Whether the site already exists or you are looking for a location, our project team evaluates existing architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, and fire protection systems looking for potential obstacles that could impact the project’s cost, schedule and long term viability.

Find out how EEC’s Data Center Engineering, Design, and Construction can ensure your mission critical facility is performing at its best. Call us at 800-342-5332email us or via our Contact Us form