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Data Center Construction Servicesconstruction-raisedfloor

The data center construction phase is impacted by all preceding events, missing just the smallest detail could can wreak havoc later on. Electronic Environments’ project managers are diligent about ensuring key milestones for the project and the schedules created are being followed and are on track. Weekly meetings with our clients are schedule driven so that progress can be discussed and responsibilities for future action noted.

The procurement phase is a critical component of data center construction management. EEC’s project managers devote considerable effort and attention to the organization of this function.

EEC’s project managers establish key dates and monitor submittal and delivery cycles for long-lead equipment. This requires a keen eye on vendor management – developing an early, clear, and concise view of every vendor’s role.

In today’s world, constructing data centers is no easy task. Electronic Environments internal network of resources including our product specialists, electrical and mechanical engineers, and specialized technicians all work together to ensure construction standards, schedule, and design specs are adhered.

EEC’s “end-to-end” solutions offering, with on going service and maintenance under our responsibility, shifts a significant amount of financial risk and incentive on EEC to produce quality, error-free design and construction.

Electronic Environments’ data center construction phase includes:

  • Program Delivery
    • Data Center Design / Build
    • Data Center Construction Mgmt
    • General Contracting
    • Owner’s Representative
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Detailed Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Subcontract Negotiation/Mgmt
  • Field Supervision
  • System Start-up
  • Record Drawing
  • Site Safety & Quality Job Site
  • Quality Management

How to select the correct construction delivery system

Selecting the correct data center construction delivery system enhances the probability of achieving your specific set of project objectives and goals: Three common delivery systems are:


  • Traditional Bid/Spec:
    Under this approach, the owner hires an architect/engineer to design and develop detailed data center construction documents. Once complete, several contractors are requested to submit a “fixed price” to the owner. The project is awarded to the lowest bidder.
    Typical characteristics: Long delivery system, adversarial relationships, and poor quality
  • Data Center Construction Management (CM):
    This approach consists of providing accurate, knowledgeable guidance throughout the entire project cycle. The key to CM is the emphasis on team relationships between the owner, architect/engineer, and trade contractors. Procedurally, this process is similar to general contracting with one exception; the CM is selected prior to or in the design phase.
    Typical characteristics: Multi-year projects, cost control emphasis, quality construction
  • Design/Build (D/B):
    This approach is best suited for repetitive projects, where many similarities exist between user needs. D/B overlaps multiple phases of the design and construction process to reduce schedule. When designers and builders are separate firms, caution must be exercised to assure client is meeting his goals, particularly where contractor leads engagement.
    Typical characteristics: Fastest completion time, high quality if incentives exist, turn-key responsibility low risk for client, potentially cost effective.

The need to bring technology projects on-line fast challenges traditional construction practices. Electronic Environments has refined our data center design/build program into a science. While design/build delivery methods provide many distinct advantages to the client, it does require a much earlier emphasis on planning and coordination.


To learn more about building a data center and the data center construction services that Electronic Environments offers or to talk with one of our data center experts, please fill out our contact us form, email or call us at 800-342-5332.