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Design – Build

Data Center Design and Build Services

Over 25 Years of Mission Critical Expertise

Electronic Environments Co. (EEC) provides data center design, engineering, construction Data Center Design Buildand installation. When building a data center or modifying a technology dependent facility like a data center or other telecom switch site, you need a specialized mix of talent including: architectural, engineering, mechanical, electrical, and project management expertise. With over 25 years of experience – EEC has this rare combination of skills in-house and we understand the special requirements of your critical facility; from the raised floors to precision computer room cooling and redundant power demands.

Data center design/engineering and construction have become an increasingly complex undertakings. EEC’s highly trained design/build team has decades of knowledge in designing  and building data centers and telecom switch sites. Whether you are building a data center, expanding, relocating, installing a new data center cooling system, or upgrading your uninterruptible power supply (UPS); we can manage the complete turn-key job or just a specific piece of the overall project.

Electronic Environments’ data center design and build solutions are guaranteed to meet your current needs as well as your organization’s long term operational goals. Since 1986, our team has been ensuring reliable facilities are built on time and on budget – to your specifications.