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Site Assessment

Data Center Assessments – Reduce Downtimeengineers-tech

Why do you need a data center assessmentfor your critical facility? Because technology does not sit still and for many data centers this means:

  • Server upgrades
  • Changes to your networks
  • Downsizing
  • Upgrading equipment

If environmental conditions are not taken into consideration during these changes a company could experience reliability issues within their mission critical facilities. Downtime is not acceptable, even the most robust technology is only as good as the infrastructure that supplies the power and protection to keep it running. That is why many of today’s most demanding data centers and telecommunications sites rely on Electronic Environents to evaluate their mission critical infrastructure.

Our expert data center engineering team performs on-site data center assessments to examine the current performance and design of your facility. This is helpful when planning for the future as it identifies existing and future power capabilities. By conducting a Single-Point-of-Failure (SPOF) analysis our engineers are able to identify issues that may result in possible system interruptions and offer solutions to rectify the issue. The data center site assessment can also be helpful in identifying and resolving electrical issues within the facility. Data Center power quality problems can occur based on any number of issues like changes to your systems (adding & removing equipment), the age or your facility, harmonics, poor design installation practices, improper wiring between or within systems, or improper grounding.

Harden your facility against interruptions

EEC’s data center assessments provide a thorough look into your facility and the systems within them. Our systematic approach takes into consideration current performance, as well as preparedness for the future. After inspection and analysis of your facility our engineers will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the findings. The report will identify any potential trouble spots and offer solutions and recommendations for rectifying the issues. Our comprehensive report will include a total lifecycle perspective, including the design, installation and maintenance necessary to “harden” your facility against possible interruptions.

Find out how a data center assessment can ensure your mission critical facility is performing at its best. You may also want to take a look at our data center power & cooling assessments and services and preventive maintenance and 24×7 emergency repair offerings.

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