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Construction Management

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If you’re seeking a world-class mission critical provider to construct your data center or telecom facility, Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) is your logical choice. EEC takes its “Lessons Learned” database from nearly three decades of construction, service, maintenance and facilities management and puts it into the planning and deployment of your critical infrastructure project.

We know that the largest portion of your data center lifecycle is in the operations phase, so we created a comprehensive solution with Mission Critical Lifecycle ServicesTM (MCLS).

Through our approach, thousands of EEC customers have benefited from reduced costs, increased availability, enhanced responsiveness, and optimized performance. With significant new partnerships, including Japan’s renowned NTT Facilities, EEC is more capable than ever to provide data center professionals, like you, with the same high standards of service and integrated solutions that EEC customers have relied on for decades.

When you spend so much time servicing and maintaining data centers, you make better decisions during the preconstruction phase of a new data center.