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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

steward_logo“Steward Health Care System, the largest community-based accountable care organization in New England, is very pleased with the service that Electronic Environments Corp. (EEC) provides to our facilities.

Steward has been rapidly expanding through the acquisition of several hospitals. We have been working with EEC to update our facilities and technology infrastructure including our uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

Recently, we had a problem at one of our hospitals with one of the older UPS units that we hadn’t yet refreshed. We contacted EEC’s Customer Care Center and they had a technician on-site within two hours. The technician determined that because of the age of the unit and the available parts, installing a temporary UPS would be the best action in order to keep the power to our vital technology. Since it had to be done right away; EEC took one of the units from their own on-site lab, unhooked it, brought it to our facility and swapped the load over.

This call happened at 8:00 AM on a Friday, an EEC technician was on-site within two hours and by 11:00 PM that evening, they had the loaner unit on-line protecting our critical IT systems. I want to send thanks out to everyone at EEC involved with this incident; it is for instances like this that we chose EEC as our critical facility maintenance partner. I highly recommend EEC for preventive and emergency maintenance for your critical IT infrastructure.”

Update from Mike on Feb. 25, 2013 – Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that EEC came through for us again last night.

We were in the middle of moving a tape library in our core data center late yesterday evening when we noticed that the power receptacles we needed were different than what we expected. I called Glenn Zdon, and between him and your dispatch team, they arranged for an electrician to be dispatched. Jerry was onsite within two hours of my first call, and he had completed the electrical work in less than an hour.

The relocation of this piece of equipment was an important milestone on a very visible project in our environment (we needed the floor space to host a new storage array that will serve as a backup plan for our March 1 go-live of the first hospital integration). Glenn and the EEC team’s collective response is very much appreciated.

Mike Hale – Director of Infrastructure Architecture


“After attending EEC’s “Optimize Cooling in Your Existing Data Center” seminar in March of 2011, I met with their Business Development Manager, Paul Golden, who explained all of the data center support services that EEC offers. We decided to contract with them for our transfer switch maintenance as well as have them perform troubleshooting and repair work on an HVAC unit. We were very impressed with their service and have since contracted with them for data center preventive maintenance services on our generator, HVAC and UPS systems. We also had EEC install a second generator to allow redundancy to our existing unit.

I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the support EEC has given us so far. Recently we had a power outage which we thought caused an error on one of our UPS systems. I called EEC’s customer care center, which is always a pleasure to work with by the way, explained my situation and asked that a UPS technician contact me. I was contacted within minutes by a technician and he walked us through the issue which turned out not to be a UPS issue. He was patient, took the time, called us back and stayed on top until we were satisfied.

I have found this to be true with all of EEC’s technicians; be it for the generator, AC units, electrical and so on. COCC is thrilled to have such a great partner as EEC and I look forward to a strong and continued relationship with them for many years to come. ”

Ray Bourque – Enterprise Operations Manager


Access Northeast is a rapidly growing Data Center Provider with a focus on Colocation, Cloud, Hosting and WAN Management. We provide 24x7x365 mission critical services to our clients with an expectation of 100% application availability. As part of our emergency preparedness procedures in advance of Hurricane Irene in August 2011, we deployed additional staffing to our Marlborough, MA and Waterbury, CT data centers to monitor these facilities during the storm.

At approximately 1:00AM on Sunday, August 28, 2011 during the full brunt of Hurricane Irene, our Waterbury Data Center Manager, Douglas Barry, identified a leak at the condensate pump on one of our air handling units. He immediately called the Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) dispatch center to request an emergency site visit. At 2:30 AM, EEC technician Steven Thibodeau arrived onsite. Steven was able to clear a blocked drain and returned the unit to full operation within the hour, thereby preventing any service impacting issues from transpiring that could have affected customer uptime.

Responding to an emergency maintenance call in the middle of the night is no easy task. Driving through the heavy rain and dangerous winds to reach a service site is also daunting. Resolving an HVAC unit issue in a timely manner is a tremendous benefit to any service provider. However, delivering all three in unison is the EXACT reason why Access Northeast has chosen EEC as our facility maintenance partner throughout New England. Due to the extraordinary efforts of EEC and Steven Thibodeau, Access Northeast was able to deliver uninterrupted service to our customers throughout the duration of Hurricane Irene, unlike many of our competitors in the region. Special thanks to all parties once again.

Michael Donnellan – Access Northeast Chief Operating Officer

logo_css“EEC has been a service partner since we built-out our Data Center and NOC in 1999. Over the years we have interacted with various levels of the team, up to the VP level, and each individual has displayed a unique sense of customer care as well as sincere concern for our  environment and service levels. There were numerous occasions where my team called upon EEC for emergency situations and each time EEC responded with urgency, resolving our issues as quickly as possible. It is clear to me that the EEC leadership team has done a fantastic job of hiring bright and talented service-oriented people that are always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for their customers.
It is my sincere pleasure to have had a long-standing relationship with the EEC team and I wish them the best during their 25th anniversary with many more years of success and happy customers to come. Best wishes to all!”

Mike Champa – Vice President of Operations/MI Shared Services

level3Level (3) Communications
“EEC’s enthusiastic teamwork and dedicated customer service has always been a constant mainstay throughout the years. Whether it’s talking to the call center, the field team responding to and solving technical problems or collaborating with management on special projects – it has always been apparent that EEC is willing to partner with customers to achieve timely/quality results.”

Louis Basantes – Facilities Operations Engineering

DCU342Digital Federal Credit Union
“DCU leveraged EEC’s services to build out a new data center, upgrade a legacy data center, and deploy two green diesel generators. Based on the great success of those projects, we have since partnered with EEC for all our data center infrastructure needs. In addition to their technical expertise and service excellence, it is a pleasure to partner with a company that also supports DCU’s business and social initiatives. It’s obvious that EEC truly understands the concept of a business partnership.”

Kris VanBeek – Senior Vice President of Information Systems & Risk Management, DCU

aramark“Thanks to EEC for their many years of providing excellent service. Their dependability and response to emergency calls is outstanding. EEC’s people are wonderful to deal with, very professional and knowledgeable. Congratulations on celebrating 25 years in business.”

John Cummings – Director of Facilities

“We had an emergency call at the DOT last night. I dialed the emergency number EEC gave me and spoke to a gentleman by the name of Todd who was extremely courteous and helpful. He told me he would contact the appropriate people and get back to me, he continually kept me informed of his progress which enabled me to keep the DOT calm and confident that we had the situation under control. I was then contacted by Ken, the technician who was on call – again very courteous and helpful as well as knowledgeable how HPE is related to EEC, who the DOT was, previous history, as well as understanding the probable need for Power Systems to be dispatched immediately from Pennsylvania thus saving several hours getting the UPS up and running. As usual Paul Iodice (EEC’s Power Electronics Supervisor) followed up with a summary phone call this morning.

I wanted to compliment your people as the entire process was seamless and transparent to our joint customer. I know you and I typically only receive complaint letters so I thought I would highlight EEC’s great service performance last night.”

Chip Smith – CEO

logo“Hospital Billing & Collection is quite happy with the service we receive from Electronic Environments Corp. (EEC). Whenever I have an issue with an AC or UPS unit, EEC is typically out here the same or next day to repair it. The preventative maintenance service has always worked fine for us and the technicians that come out to work on our units are quite knowledgeable and professional.”

Anthony Gibson, Team Lead – Network Systems

verizon– Southern California Regional Network
“Mike Goodbrand and his team in the EEC Anaheim office are a great asset to my organization. It’s nice knowing that when I have an issue requiring attention, that EEC will be able to support it and report the issues and actions taken for resolution.”

Richard Felando – Manager-Cell South

“We selected Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) for their experience with both data center design/build and services, and their match to the size and scope of our project.  We were very pleased with the flexibility shown by EEC, from the Executive team, to their designers/engineers and project managers to work with our requirements, from the RFP stage, through the bid process and final design/build. We are now fully operational with a premier class high-density data center thanks to EEC, and we are extremely pleased with the results which we expect will meet Genesis current and future information processing needs.”

Ken Silverwood, Vice President of IS Internal Operations

“Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) partnered with IFAW from the start of the project to design build and deliver a high-performance, energy-efficient, data center. The EEC team, led by project manager Steve Pusateri, was professional, responsive and clearly dedicated to the success of the project.”

Phyllis Bayer, Director of IT Operations

LOGO_rawle_henderson“Electronic Environments Corporation’s staff, sales team, sub-contractors, etc., have been excellent and a pleasure to do business with. One of my best experiences on a project ever.”

Mike Einhorn, IT Support

workscape“I have been a very satisfied and loyal customer of Electronic Environments Corporation since 1996 and that includes eight years with Workscape, Inc. With me quality counts and I know first hand that EEC employs some of the very best technicians and engineers, in their respective fields, that the industry has to offer. I entrust the support and maintenance of our mission critical business infrastructure into the hands of EEC. They care about my needs and that of my company. They are experienced, responsive and reliable. I like the benefits, efficiencies and cost savings of combining all of my service requirements with Electronic Environments. I look forward to a strong and continued relationship with them for many years to come.”

Mario Lampedecchio, Telecom Manager

“The move of our data center to Ft. Meade was a great success from an IT perspective. The dedicated efforts of Electronic Environments’ staff in up front planning and ongoing support through implementation attributed to this success.”

Ann Johnson, Assistant Deputy Director IT & Communication Directorate and CIO

dialogic_logo“Being the Facilities Manager and in charge of a server room that covers the company world-wide, it is essential that my backup power be prepared to cover our needs in case of power loss. I have used Electronic Environments for serveral years and they have always been there when I need them. Day or night I know I can count on a timely response and quick repair. I would recommend Electronic Environments to anybody who has a UPS backup system or is looking to add a UPS backup.

Mark Carroll, Facilities Manager

“In the past we have had a fair amount of equipment failure due to the age of our systems. Electronics Environments technician, Keith,  has always found the problem and has been able to get things back up and working in a timely manner. We at Verizon Wireless are satisfied with the support that we have received from EEC and feel that people like Keith are the key to their success.”

Cristofer Drohan – Switch Technician

Capmark Finance Inc.
“I worked with Electronic Environments at previous companies and looked forward to having their services here at this company. I am glad that they are backing us up in an emergency. Also, we have confidence that the PM (Preventive Maintenance) is being done correctly. EEC has a very competent and professional work force.”

Ed Carrachi, Maintenance Supervisor