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Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) Announces Launch of New Company Website

Release date: 8/30/2011

EEC’s new website features an overview of its integrated design, construction and maintenance services and solutions, including UPS, battery, cooling and generator solutions for data center and telecom facilities.


Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) is pleased to announce the launch of their new company website, EEC Net. The new website is equipped with a streamlined navigation to allow for easy-to-use functionality, allowing clients and potential clients to quickly reference desired information pertaining to their data center or telecom facilities’ critical power and cooling infrastructure.

The website features a clean design with organized descriptions covering the breadth of the company’s data center and telecom service and solutions offerings.

For users looking for greater detail regarding the vast array of design, build, consulting and maintenance services and solutions offered by EEC, the site will provide a detailed explanation of information as well as informative articles and a link to EEC’s blog. Potential clients can register to receive updates on EEC’s services and solutions – including technical support, sales, consulting, service and repair for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, batteries, standby power systems, and data center cooling systems.

The company constructed the new website to better relate to and meet user’s needs.

“We are aware that people are constantly searching the web for more in-depth knowledge and overall better detailed information to help keep their mission critical facilities up and running. With the launch, we strived to provide a website that is rich in technical and visual content, while providing an easy-to-navigate interface. Our goal is to allow the user to feel confident in their selections, and to continually use our site as a point-of-reference for their critical facility needs,” said President, Michael Kingsley.

The new site will archive informative newsletters, articles and press coverage, as well as any upcoming events directed to the folks who manage data centers and telecom facilities. Visitors will be able to access basic information on a wide range of services and solutions, with the ability to easily request additional information via a web form, email or by telephone.

For more information, and to tour the new website, please visit EEC Net. If you would like to speak with a company representative, or for additional information, contact us at , or by phone at 800-342-5332.

About Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC):

Founded in 1986, Electronic Environments Corporation provides critical facility solutions to information technology and telecommunication facilities of all sizes. EEC offers a single source for fully integrated design, construction, consulting and maintenance services for reducing energy consumption and eliminating downtime within critical facilities such as data centers and telecom sites.

EEC is headquartered in Marlborough, MA and has offices located throughout the United States.