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Size Your UPS System (article from Processor Magazine)

Release date: 7/17/2009

Size Your UPS System

Prevent Potential Problems With Proper Power Loads

Jim Stark, Design/Build Manager for Electronic Environments was recently interviewed for this article from Processor Magazine.

The Data Center Institute predicts that over the next five years, power failures and limits on power availability will halt data center operations at more than 90% of all companies. This prediction underscores the need for data center managers to properly size UPSes. This is especially true with per-rack power demands continually increasing in density and technologies such as blade servers. In the event of an outage, a UPS ensures that critical operations can continue by providing interim power until it can switch to a generator or other power source. UPSes can also alert staff of potential problems and provide automated shutdown of equipment to minimize disruptions.

Determining the proper UPS size for the load it supports can be challenging. Specifications are not always clearly stated, voltage information on equipment nameplates is not accurate for sizing purposes, and power factors can be confusing.

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