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Mission Critical Lifecycle Services

Mission Critical Lifecycle Services™

Planning – Design – Construction – O&M – Assessment

EEC views mission-critical infrastructure as a single, integrated system. We’re specialists in mission-critical facilities, not just their components. Through this holistic approach, called Mission Critical Lifecycle Services™ (MCLS), we’ve transformed traditional infrastructure services to provide enhanced reliability, performance and value throughout the entire data center lifecycle.

Leveraging nearly three decades of experience in integrated infrastructure solutions, EEC provides customers with higher levels of performance and value in planning, building and running data centers compared to specialized services.

Benefits to this approach include:

Mission Critical Lifecycle Solutions

Peace of mind
In emergency response situations, EEC customers avoid fault-finding among different vendors and service specialists.
Cost reductions due to proactive planning
Arises from EEC’s broad considerations as opposed to specialists. We are the SMEs in all facets of the data center lifecycle.
Convenience and simplified management
EEC services all types of equipment, not just a particular product category or vendor.
Consolidating and managing vendors and service providers
One company and one point-of-contact makes it convenient for customers to manage outsourcing, such as planning, contracts, logistics, and invoicing.
Standardization and scale
For companies with multiple sites, working with EEC makes standardization and scaling more manageable.
Economies of scale
Extended to customers selecting more than one service or solution.
Customization of predictive and preventative maintenance programs
Designed to fit your needs.
High reliability and system availability
Our comprehensive response and rapid deployment capabilities help ensure availability when your uptime is jeopardized.
Reduced liability and improved long-term value for today’s critical environments
Customers can leverage EEC’s institutional knowledge of the interdependence of different disciplines.