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Mission Critical Facility Services

Mission Critical Facility Services

Operation & Maintenance – Assessment

Mission Critical Lifecycle SolutionsFor almost three decades, EEC has provided maintenance and assessment services to help ensure our customers get the most out of their mission-critical operations.

Armed with critical equipment performance data from our asset management tool, Infrastructure Manager, EEC’s proactive approach to preventative maintenance has kept customer sites performing optimally and reduced service costs in the long term. If emergency situations do arise, EEC’s guaranteed 24 x 7 response time and multi-trade approach, which anticipates related issues and complications, ensures downtime is minimized.

EEC also helps customers keep up with constantly changing data center requirements through site assessments, power and cooling assessments, thermal imaging, CFD analysis and more.

As EEC customers have for decades, you can rely on EEC’s integrated services within the O&M and Assessment phases of the data center life cycle to extend the life, increase performance and reduce the costs of running your site.

Learn more about our Assessment Services.