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History / Mission

History and Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide specialized facility management services such as data center design & construction services, data center cooling solutions and preventive maintenance and 24/7 emergency repair services, while staying focused on delivering cost effective solutions to manage the physical infrastructure surrounding your mission critical 24×7 data center and telecommunication operations.

Electronic Environments History

Over 29 years ago, Electronic Environments (abbreviated EEC) was incorporated (1986) as a niche-based design, construction and service company focused solely on the technical infrastructure supporting Information Technology and Telecommunication operations. Our goal was to re-engineer the way in which corporations managed their technology infrastructure with a focus on Data Centers and IT facilities. With millions of dollars worth of investment in mainframe technology, and large sections of the business dependent on automated operations, large corporations routinely employed a staff of facility engineers to keep their infrastructure going 7x24x365.

Advancing technologies changed the way business operated. Personal computing and client/server configurations shrunk the physical requirements for infrastructure. Large corporations focused on improving their return-on-technology investments, by truly re-engineering their business processes, and looking for cost reductions. Prominent organizations as well as rapidly growing firms sought out Electronic Environments to help competitively manage their technology infrastructure. We’ve implemented maintenance procedures, SOPs, and EOPs for entire network infrastructures, and where necessary we designed, installed, and managed new facilities with:

Uninterruptible Power SystemsDC PowerComputer Room CoolingGenerators

Server and Storage Virtualization ♦ Data Center Automation ♦ Electrical Distribution

Fire Protection ♦ Security ♦ Monitoring ♦ Blade Computing

The results we achieved were nothing short of remarkable, reducing infrastructure management costs and improving system availability for our clients. It is a testament to EEC’s tremendous success and value proposition that 98% of our Fortune 1,000 customers renew their infrastructure contracts with us annually and that most of those organizations have been doing business with us for over 10 years.

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