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About Us

Why Choose Electronic Environments?

Nearly Three Decades of Expertise in Data Center & Telecom Facility Design, Build, Maintenance and Repair Services

Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) provides mission critical lifecycle services from the planning and building phases to assessments. Our specialized data center engineeringconstruction and maintenance services are packaged into custom turn-key solutions. Through consistent management efforts and field experiences in over 100,000 site visits, EEC has revolutionized traditional infrastructure services, achieving lower costs and higher performance from the beginning. The graphic shown here showcases EEC’s contribution to the technological development of data centers today.

Electronic Environmnets Infographic

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The benefits of partnering with EEC are substantial:

  • Focused only on designing, building and servicing data centers and other mission critical facilities.
  • Single point-of-contact ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Quick response time — 24/7/365 emergency services with a 15-minute callback and four-hour or less on-site response time — maximizes uptime, while mitigating risk.
  • Internal technical resources assure a fast response.
  • Specialized mix of talent in house: architectural, engineering, mechanical, electrical and project management expertise.
  • Flexibility that allows clients to select the appropriate service package that suits their needs.
  • Employees are specialized, cross-trained and, in many cases, have some level of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) experience.
  • Routine preventive maintenance service meets or exceeds manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Web-based tools like our Technician Toolkit and Infrastructure Manager enable its technicians to capture client equipment information efficiently and allows clients to track projects and manage assets more effectively.
  • Reputation for excellence offers the best reassurance to clients.

Electronic Environments Corporation consistently exceeds expectations for service and value at the most cost-effective price in the market. Moreover, our responsiveness to customer needs is unparalleled. EEC’s cohesive team of field service technicians, suppliers, and service partners enables us to deliver both breadth and depth of technical infrastructure services anywhere in the nation. What does this mean to our clients?

Single-Source = Cost Savings

Comprehensive solutions = Increased Uptime

Web-based Asset Management = Increased Efficiency and Major Cost Savings

  • EEC’s Intrastructure Manager Software
    • Access field service /site information from your desktop
    • Preventive maintenance, emergency repair records available within 24 hours of visit
    • Decisions based on real-time data – regain control of network assets and  maintenance costs

Environmental & Safety Compliance = Risk Mitigation & Cost Avoidance

  • Hazardous material record keeping and tracking system built into EEC software solutions
    • Microsoft Dynamics SL, Technician Toolkit and Infrastructure Manager
    • Information/reports available at the touch of a button
  • Compliance with all EPA, federal, state, and local environmental and hazardous waste regulations
  • Comprehensive Insurance going beyond typical requirements
    • Including $5M pollution and environmental liability insurance coverage

Cross Trained and Platform Independent Technicians = Increased Efficiency

  • Trained and certified to work on equipment across numerous manufacturing platforms
  • Since we are manufacturer independent, clients solutions are based on their needs and budget
  • Clients get right personnel on the job with the first call speeding up diagnosis and repair

To learn more about what EEC has to offer you, feel free to contact us at 800-342-5332, email: or via our contact us form.