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Choosing A UPS

Choosing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System

Uninterruptible Power Supply systems like the ones manufactured by Mitsubishi, APC, Eaton, and Emerson are at the heart of most mission critical facilities. They function automatically to supply continuous electrical power to your critical load.  A true on-line UPS system converts alternating current (AC) utility power to direct current (DC) for connection to a battery or fly-wheel source, and then recreates a clean AC power source which is isolated from the utility.

There are many different designs and topologies offered by the various UPS manufacturers.  Modular designs allow data center operators to purchase power modules as their load grows, while systems offering “eco-modes” provide very high efficiencies.  The type of system you need will depend upon your business needs, load profiles and growth expectations.  The total cost of ownership, including operating efficiency and ongoing maintenance costs must also be considered when evaluating UPS systems.

Without proper electrical engineering training and field proven experience, deciphering UPS manufacturers’ claims is nearly impossible.  EEC works with its clients to ensure they obtain the best system to meet their requirements.  As an independent engineering firm that specializes in emergency power systems, we are manufacturer independent.  Our solutions are based on your needs and your budget.

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