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EEC excels in providing power and cooling solutions for critical environments

Data Center & Telecom Facility Solutions

Critical Power – Standby Power – Cooling/HVAC – Monitoring

Is your computer room cooling working the way it needs to be – are there hot spots around your server racks or is your computer room over cooled? Have you had your UPS maintained as it should be? At EEC we understand the needs and demands of critical infrastructures such as computer room air conditioning and power; and we have the expertise in-house from designing and building data centers to furnishing, installing and servicing the computer room power protection systems and computer room air conditioning systems that safeguard this type of environment.

Ensure Maximum Network Uptime with our Data Center Solutions

Our technicians are skilled and trained across numerous computer room protection platforms. Because we possess many trades and disciplines, from installing server room generators or servicing computer room air conditioning (CRAC), our clients get the right personnel on the job with the first call. This speeds up the diagnosis and repair of potential problems to ensure maximum network uptime.

Safety is Taken Very Seriously

Given the inherent risks in dealing with power and mechanical systems, all service and data center construction personnel are required to take the 10-hour OSHA course. All our computer room protection personnel, both service and construction, are provided with the tools needed to perform their jobs safely. EEC provides a formal safety training program that is administered on an ongoing basis to all field personnel. Our field personnel know the challenges and regulations of working in 24×7 facilities, and are skilled at writing and following Methods of Procedure (MOP) complete with safety and environmental instructions to ensure quality and compliance.

Whether it is building data centers, designing a new DC power plant, or UPS maintenance – maybe help with choosing a new data center generator for those unexpected emergencies. Let the experts at EEC assist you with your next project or service requirements.

For more information on any of our telecom and data center solutions and services, please feel free to contact us at 800-342-5332, email: or fill out the contact us form.