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National Dispatch Center

National Dispatch CenterEEC's national dispatch center

Electronic Environments’ Network Operations Center (NOC) is located at our corporate headquarters in Marlborough, Massachusetts. This center better enables our dispatching team to track technician location and status nationally, log calls real time, and dispatch our field personnel guaranteeing our service commitments are met on time and at a level our clients not only expect but deserve.

All of our service vehicles are equipped with Automatic Vehicle Locator/GPS (AVL) system. Knowing exactly where our technicians are located does, without question, allow a faster response time to emergency service calls. Another exciting feature in the NOC is its two large projection devices – at any given time our dispatchers can view where a technician is located by the GPS map, the map display’s the location of EEC’s entire service fleet. Dispatchers are also able to see, in one quick glance, which service calls are open, in process, and completed allowing for real-time service call coordination.