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Hazardous Waste Tracking

Hazardous Waste Tracking

Disposing of, and handling, hazardous waste properly is not taken lightly at EEC. We comply with all federal, state and local environmental and hazardous waste tracking regulations, and hold both State and Federal DOT/EPA Environmental permits.

We provide a complete “paper trail” from the source of the waste to the appropriate recycling or disposal facility. In addition, all of our service vehicles are equipped with approved spill kits and our technicians are trained in OSHA and EPA hazardous waste handling procedures. The EPA and OSHA require you to record and track hazardous wastes like batteries, refrigerant, waste oil, and fluorescent bulbs, all are common to critical infrastructures.

EEC has implemented a state of the art environmental waste record keeping, reporting and tracking system integrated into our business software and our Infrastructure Manager web-based assest management software, so vital waste information is available with the touch of a button, creating the specialized run reports you need.

The Infrastructure Manager software offers chain of custody waste tracking for all waste types (batteries, oil, fuel, refrigerant, etc). Our clients now have the ability to track all waste removed from their site anytime – day or evening – as it leaves their site and makes its way, via a certified carrier, to a licensed recycling Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF). Some of the information our clients can view and print includes:

  • Service call and waste tracking report
  • Warehouse accumulation point
  • Manifest/shipping documentation
  • EPA number or State ID number after transfer to a licensed recycling/TSDF facility
  • Certificate of disposal
  • Scanned copy of all shipping documents and waste manifest