Hot Spot Air Movers

Data Center Hot Spots Removal with Hotspotr

Remove Hot Spots in your Data Center Fast & EffectivelyHotSpotr Airmovers - Maximize Data Center Airflow

  • Immediately Eliminate Data Center Hot Spots
  • Maintain Safe Rack Temperatures
  • Increase Server Density
  • Improve Containment Efficiency
  • ZERO downtime, ZERO footprint installation

Solve data center cooling issues in minutes

The HotSpotr line of thermostatically controlled air movers has been specifically designed to quickly and reliably solve a variety of Data Center cooling issues and your personnel canself install them in 30 minutes. Computer room cooling issues quickly solved with HotSpotr include: Under floor obstructions, shallow raised floor height, high density racks, poor computer room air conditioners (CRAC) placement, poor rack placement, and poor room layout. In short, the HotSpotr is a quick and effective solution to solve Data Center airflow and cooling problems that cannot be solved by simple passive methods.

Improve Server Uptime and CRAC Efficiency by Removing Data Center Hot Spots

The HotSpotr underfloor air movers direct cool data center air precisely where it is needed, and the overhead airmover (HT710) removes heated exhaust air directly back to your computer room air conditioners (CRAC).

HotSpotr is reliable, self contained and scalable. These maintenance free units are designed for trouble free use and ease of installation. HotSpotr units can be added as needed throughout the data center, they can be installed and operated independently or can be networked together to cool larger areas as part of the Demand Based Cooling system. Multiple product configurations offer the right level of airflow management.

Data Center Hot Spot Removal with No Interruptions
When installed, HotSpotr is seamless and practically invisible. There is ZERO server downtime required for installation. Floor units become part of the floor and overhead units are hidden above the drop ceiling space. Installation is quick and easy and requires no movement of existing racks. In fact, the HotSpotr under floor units require no special tools, simply plug in and power on.

Under floor units are designed to replace a standard size floor tile in raised floor data centers (with a little as 6” depth); so there is no clutter of portable fans or spot coolers. Overhead units fit into the space above the drop ceiling, effectively disappearing with only the diffuser visible. The overhead return drives hot server air back to the computer room air conditioners (CRACs), removing heat and improving CRAC performance.

HotSpotr Fan-Assisted Airmovers - eliminate data center hot spots
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