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Spring 2011 Issue

EEC's Critical Infrastructure Newsletter
June 2011 – Vol 3, Issue 3
In This Issue
Preventive Maintenance
Load Bank Testing
Fuel Tank Cleaning
Infrared Thermography
Service Maintenance
25th Anniversary Promotion

EEC offers services for all of your critical electrical and mechanical systems including:

  • UPS &  Battery Replacement and Support Services
  • HVAC / CRAC Systems
  • Standby Generators
  • Power Distribution Systems (PDU)
  • Fire Protection Systems

As well as:

Maintenance for Your Emergency Generators

Maintenance for Your Emergency Generators
Standby emergency generators are an important part of your emergency backup power plan. Did you know that Electronic Environments (EEC) offers support service for generators? And we service most major brands – Caterpillar, Onan, Kohler, Generac and others.
Below you will find the comprehensive and cost effective generator services that we offer:

Preventive Maintenance Programs

EEC technician performs preventive maintenance on an emergency standy generator

EEC’s preventive maintenance programs reduce the risk of downtime and are essential in ensuring your emergency generators operate at peak performance. Planned minor and major inspections ensure you will have critical power when you need it. Long term benefits of a preventive maintenance program include: improved reliability, decreased cost of replacements, decreased downtime and more efficient equipment.

24×7 Emergency Repair Service 

EEC’s 24×7 emergency repair service program is an aggressive and rapid response mechanism developed specifically for Data Center and Telecommunication operations. Our philosophy is to aggressively and rapidly respond to instances of system failure with the right personnel and the right material to bring the site back up immediately. We guarantee 15-minute phone response and four (4) hour or less on-site response virtually anywhere in the country.


Load Bank Testing

 Generator Load Bank Testing

Load banking allows testing of the emergency backup generator with no interruption to your data center facility’s loads. This service is in no way intrusive, and can be done at your convenience or during a scheduled PM. Most manufacturers agree a generator set that is frequently run lightly loaded, or never loaded at all, can benefit from being load bank tested on a yearly basis.

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Standby Generator Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning and Polishing

Generator fuel tank polishing

In emergency power generation applications, a gen-set must be ready to run during very critical times – to do this you need to send clean fuel to the engines. Emergency power generators that rely on diesel fuel are at constant risk of unexpected failure due to clogged fuel filters.


Infrared Thermography 

Infrared scan showing a loose electrical connection

Thermal imaging or thermography is very important for different components in your facility. It is a must for all electrical and mechanical systems and should be part of the regular maintenance schedule. Using infrared thermal imaging can prevent equipment failure and unplanned outages and can help detect overloaded circuits or loose connections which can cause degradation.

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Service Maintenance Agreements

EEC offers both single and multiple-year Generator Maintenance Agreements. You may customize your generator service agreement based on your needs to include quarterly, semi-annual, and annual maintenance frequency options.


Celebrating 25 Years…

Electronic Environments 25th Anniversary MagazineIn honor of our 25th Anniversary, Electronic Environments has published a magazine:

“Celebrating 25 Years of Providing Design, Construction and Maintenance of Mission Critical Facilities”

This magazine highlights the history and growth of our company from a small start-up to an industry leader in providing design, construction and maintenance services to over 500 customers nationwide. Feel free to download a pdf copy of the magazine here or shoot us an email at if you would like a copy.

We are also offering a promotion in honor of our 25th Anniversary, feel free to check them out on our web site:

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