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Data Center Design Construction Project

New Data Center Design and Construction Project

Large, Nonprofit Organization – Infrastructure Upgrade and Reduction of Overall Data Center Footprint

EEC recently completed a new data center design and construction project, the new data center had to utilize independent cooling systems (separate from the building plant), independent electrical supply (including dedicated generator), and redundant UPS and cooling equipment. As the design progressed, the requirement for high-density cooling equipment was incorporated. EEC also recommended and installed the Generac bi-fuel generator technology which the customer believed was a great advantage due to the extended run times.

  • 1,500 sq/ft Data Center with a Tate 18” Raised Access Floor System
  • 300 sq/ft Staging Room with 18” Raised Access Floor
  • 600 sq/ft UPS/Electrical Room
  • Standby Power Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring

New Data Center, Staging Room & UPS Room to be primarily cooled by dedicated Glycol Cooling System being distributed by 20 hp Glycol Pump Packages with eight fan dry coolers located on the roof of the 8th floor. The installation consisted of over 600 linear feet of 6” schedule 40 steel pipe for the glycol loop from the 8th floor roof to the 3rd floor data center.