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Why Thermal Imaging

Why Thermal Imaging of Your Data Center Infrastructure is Important

Data center power, cooling and support systems are vital to the continuous flow of information in your facility. If you had the ability to identify
ir-scan-tech and resolve heat-related issues in your mission critical environment would you do it? Performing thermal imaging or infrared thermography predictive maintenance on your data center’s critical support infrastructure is a must and should be seriously considered in your regular maintenance schedule.

What is infrared imaging?

Infrared imaging or thermography is used to “see” the radiation given off by objects. While the infrared radiation is not within the visible light spectrum and therefore cannot be seen with the naked eye, objects still radiate, even in the dark. The hotter an object is, the more it radiates, allowing infrared imaging to differentiate between different objects and locate hot spots.

Thermography in the data center

The electrical switchgear, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), ATS (automatic transfer switches), server systems and cooling systems must be checked with infrared thermography to detect irregularities that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Detecting irregularities in your data center’s critical support infrastructure in the early stages ensures prompt corrective action before costly system failures can occur.

With predictive maintenance comes early detection allowing you to prevent equipment failure and unplanned shutdowns that can be damaging to your company. Regular thermal imaging has many benefits such as:

  • Identify and correct hidden problems before they become unplanned outages
  • Reduce risk of undetected degradation of components due to overloaded circuits or loose connections
  • Cost Savings obtained by preventing equipment failures and down time

Regularly performing infrared thermography enables you to put together a detailed history of your equipment and helps to insure the resiliency of your critical facility infrastructure.

Identifying cooling issues with thermal imaging

ir-rack-scan-recirc-over-to ir-rack-scan
Infrared scans of data center server racks.

  • Image on left shows recirculation of hot air over top of rack, clearly see the lower sections that are closer to perforated tiles are cooler.
  • Image on right shows lack of blanking panels allowing hot air to recirculate to front of rack

Does your data center suffer from hot spots due to improper cooling? In addition to identifying anomalies in electrical equipment, thermal imaging can also help identify mechanical issues such as hot spots. A thorough analysis can indicate areas that might compromise data center network reliability caused by high-heat. This will enable you to create solutions that will help you to solve the problem as well as helping to reduce operating costs.

Temperature plays an important role in maintaining a stable and efficient data center. Ensuring that server racks and network equipment are kept within safe operating temperatures is key to sustaining the life span and functionality of your equipment.


Your data center or server room requires 100% uptime. To achieve this, it is essential that thermal imaging be performed on all electrical and mechanical systems in conjunction with other best practice maintenance programs. Thermal imaging is one of the services that can be packaged with our Data Center Assessment offerings or can be a stand alone service. To learn more about thermal imaging or any of our assessment services for your data center, please contact us at 800-342-5332 or